Apple, NVIDIA, and McDonald’s placed as Top stock reports

According to the Nasdaq report, Apple has a stable stock price up to the end of the second quarter.

This is because Apple is benefiting from its services that have been continual growth, and also the strong performances of the iPhone, Mac, Wearables, and an expanding App Store ecosystem.  In addition, the release of the new Mac Studio and iPad Air is expected to boost top-line growth.

Apple TV+ is growing in popularity as a result of its award-winning series. For the June quarter, sales growth is forecast to be in the high double digits.

NVIDIA prices started to gain benefit from the coronavirus-induced work and learn-from-home wave.

It also gains an advantage from the strong growth in GeForce desktop and notebook GPUs, which is helping to increase gaming revenue.

NVIDIA’s current collaboration with Mercedes-Benz is also expected to boost the company’s existence in the autonomous car and other automotive electronics markets.

As for McDonald’s, The company is benefiting from the robust loyalty program as they are expecting to open restaurants for more than 1,8000 globally in 2022. Sales and average checks are expected to increase as a result of the loyalty program.

Investors continue to be impressed by the company’s strong comparative growth. Its services, strong drive-thru presence, good delivery services, and digitalization helped McDonald’s in facing the pandemic.

Developing its digitalization will help the company in long-term growth and make it a better place in market share.

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