At Juno Markets, we believe in giving you a trading environment with plenty of financial instruments, the latest technology and excellent service. With the click of a button, you can easily connect with successful traders from around the world and build your own trading portfolio with duplicate trades. Follow these simple steps to enhance you trading experience with Juno Auto Trader.


1. Go to ‘Strategies’ page to review available trading strategies.

 trading strategies


2. Click on available and preferred strategies to evaluate detailed performance of selected strategies.
After reviewing the performance, click “Add To Portfolio” to subscribe to and add the preferred strategies to your trading portfolio.

selected trading strategy (easymoney)


3. Select the trading account you wish to add the strategy to.
We recommend the “Automatic settings adjustment” option for new and inexperienced traders to get started.

add to portfolio


4. Click ‘Save’ and you have successfully added your preferred trading strategy to your investment portfolio!



1. Click “Trading Terminal” to monitor trades and pending orders in real-time.

trading terminal


2. To review the performance of closed trading transactions in your account, go to ‘Statements’.
You can observe various equity growth charts, historical performance of selected strategies, and calculate relevant statistical data to facilitate better decision-making for your portfolio.




Basic Options

1. Go to ‘Portfolio’ tab to review basic commands for the trading strategies in your investment portfolio.

portfolio settings


There are four basic commands: ‘Pause’, ‘Stop’, ‘Modify’, and ‘Delete’.

a. ‘Pause’ – this command is to pause new trading activities for the particular strategy, but still manage previously-opened trades.

b. ‘Stop’ – this command is to completely stop any trading transactions and activities for the particular strategy.

c. ‘Modify’ – this command is to adjust the setting of your portfolio customization. Refer to the section below for detailed information.

d. ‘Delete’ – this command is to remove unwanted strategy from your trading portfolio.


Portfolio Customization

There are three basic options for portfolio customization: automatic settings adjustment, percentage of the total balance, and fixed trade size. To assist users with optimal customization, each setting has detailed information and supplementary options regarding trades and trade size.

1. Automatic settings adjustment

add to portfolio


2. Percentage of the total balance

percentage of total balance


3. Fixed trade size

fixed trade size



1. Go to ‘Connect Live Account’ tab to connect Juno Auto Trader account to your Juno Markets live account.

connect live account


2. Click “I Want to Open a New Account” if you have not yet registered a live account with Juno Markets. Proceed to “I Already Have An Account” if you already have a funded live account. Fill in the form below to complete the process of connecting to your live account. Click “Send” after you have filled in the required information.

registration live account


3. You have successfully connected your Juno Auto Trader account to your Juno Markets live account! Verification and email notification will be sent to you within 48 hours.

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Risk warning

Our services include products that are traded on margin and carry a high degree of risk to your capital. It is possible that you could sustain a loss that exceeds your initial investment. You should ensure you fully understand the risks involved and seek independent advice if necessary. Please read our full risk disclosure statement.

Juno Markets aims to deliver the best FOREX, CFD, AND METALS TRADING environment for traders WORLDWIDE. Juno Markets offers many PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES for INTRODUCING BROKERS, MONEY MANAGERS and WHITE LABELS, and our unique PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM helps IB’s grow their business through insightful data analysis and marketing support. We believe in bringing the best service, support and trading environment to FOREX, CFD and spot gold and silver traders GLOBALLY, allowing them to TRADE THE GLOBAL MARKETS on our METATRADER 4 PLATFORM. The Juno Markets MT4 platform offers unrivalled execution quality traders OF ALL LEVELS.