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Andy’s Technical Take Week of November 4th 2019

The economic calendar was full of crucial events for the financial markets this past week. FOMC, Bank of Canada and Bank of Japan were driving the markets from the monetary policy side of things.

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Andy’s Technical Take Week of October 28 2019.

The FX market was drifting this past week as major currency pairs were stuck in tight ranges. However, interesting events happened in other asset classes in the financial markets. U.S. equities have reached all-time highs again, getting background for the historical breakout.

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Andy’s Technical Take Week of October 21st 2019

The greenback dropped versus most of its peers last week. The U.S. dollar index – which measures the greenback’s strength versus the volume-weighted basket of six major currencies declined -1.21% to a 10-week low, charting the largest weekly loss since mid-June this year.

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Andy’s Technical Take Week of October 14th 2019

The past trading week brought many surprises and sudden rallies in the Forex market. The British Pound charted the best weekly candlestick in 14 months amid Brexit optimism, U.S. stock indices recovered mid-week losses on the back of trade talks with China, and Oil prices soared after a missile attack on Iranian tanker in the Middle East.

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Andy’s Technical Take Week of October 7th 2019

Global financial markets are entering into a decisive period. Last week’s macroeconomic data came along with a negative surprise for U.S. equity investors as ISM Manufacturing and Service PMI reports declined, NFP failed to meet the market’s expectations and average hourly earnings dropped.

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Andy’s Technical Take Week of September 30th 2019

Although the recent volatility remains comparatively low in the FX market, many critical events happened this past week, especially in the scope of technical analysis. The U.S. dollar index closed the week at the highest level since May 2017 as EUR/USD re-tested the multi-year low at 1.0920.

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I Missed Out on a Profitable Trade – The Fear of Regret

Take two scenarios: In scenario one, you are holding a long EURUSD position. You are considering to sell the position and go long JPY instead. In the end, you didn’t, Yen rises and you miss out on 50 pips of profit. In scenario two, you are long JPY. You sell your position and buy EURUSD instead. Had you held on to your long JPY position, you would have profited an extra 50 pips.

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Andy’s Technical Take Week of September 23, 2019

The volatility dropped this past week in the financial markets in general and in the foreign exchange in particular. The main reason might be related to crucial events happened in the fundamental side of things. For one, the meaning of the FOMC meeting and rate decision cannot be underestimated.

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Why Traders Are Afraid to Cut Losses

As a species, humans have evolved to become risk adverse and cautious. Early humans faced an infinite number of obstacles that could lead to death- carelessness hunting, being excluded from the pack, eating a deadly plant, and so on. People who were reckless or risk takers often died before they could pass down their genes. Therefore we are the descendants of those who remained cautious and survived.

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Andy’s Technical Take Week of September 16th 2019

Global financial markets are getting ready for probably the most crucial fundamental event for the rest of the year – the FOMC meeting, rate decision, economic statement and Powell’s press conference.

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