We are excited to announce our second issue of Moneta Monthly this October, Juno Markets’ lifestyle newsletter for traders like you, jam-packed with educational topics to help you get an edge in the market.

In this month’s issue, we focus on expanding your trading forex toolbox with many exceptional articles:

What is Alpha Generation, and how can you benefit from it?

In which we let you into the secret that traders don’t want you to know – Alpha!

Q&A session with Gero Azrul: Road to Full-Time Trader

An exclusive interview with Founder of Road to FTT Gero Azrul, who shares his wisdom and his journey to becoming a full-time trader.

Discover Top 5 Forex market book

Want to know the holy grail of trading books? We drop our top market reads of the year.

Amanoi: an Exceptional Retreat

Discover this incredible retreat in Vinh Hy Bay, Vietnam, where adventure and serenity meet and mingle.

Plus, our must-read list of the most critical market influencing events happening around the world this October.

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