We are thrilled to announce our third issue of Moneta Monthly this November, Juno Markets’ lifestyle e-magazine. This is a special edition where we will cover the upcoming US Presidential Election 2020. 

magazine cover

In this month’s issue, we focus on expanding your trading forex toolbox with many exceptional articles:

US Election: Finding a Leader in Crisis?

What is the economic plan of the candidates? How will the upcoming election affect the market?

Company Updates and Launches

Juno Markets has been very busy this month. Want to know about our exciting new releases?

Interview with Gema Goeyardi, founder of Astronacci

Ever heard of trading techniques combining Astrology and Fibonacci? Interesting, isn’t it?

A Brain Teaser: Games of Numbers

Pro Traders are naturally good with numbers. Are you? Want to test out your numbers-skills?

Plus, our must-read list of the most critical market influencing events happening around the world in November.

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The Juno Markets Team