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Week In Review: July 25th – July 29th

Gold movement : Tricky

Gold is known as an inflation hedge. So, the value must be supposed to rise even during this highest inflation. However, gold dropped 19.25% from its March peak.

Historically, the Gold movement is weighed down by a stronger dollar move as interest rates is getting higher. The tricky part is when new data set is predicted to bring hope and another piece of news destroys it.

Gold may rise from its lows since April 2020 if the dollar declines further to its uptrend line. But if gold drops below, it will tip out, implying a target of $1,300.

New hope for BTC

Cryptocurrencies investor has been through a hard time during these past few months. BTC keep crashing down and started to concern all investors and traders.

This week, BTC might bring a little hope. According to last week’s data, BTC rose to its since mid-June, though the 200 WMA tamped down the jump. Currently it is at $22K.

We would need further upside price movement on BTC to confirm an uptrend. Otherwise, if BTC remains in its existing falling channel, we would expect new lows.

S&P500: Spiral Downward

The stock market index has expected technical rebounding within its Falling Channel after reaching the bottom and nearing the 200-week MA.

For this week, The MA (Moving average) is expected to be down-bearing 50-week MA, the 100-week MA. Normally, The dollar tends to fall altogether with S&P.

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