When engaging with Forex trading, it is best to know that make use of any and every tool available as they will always benefit you. They are there for a reason. Forex trading signals happen to be something that no trader can neglect. Signals are electronically transferred titbits of information that are best described as detailed trade ideas or suggestions. Traders can incorporate them into their trading decisions either buy or sell at a given time.

Since trading signals are a small bundle of text-based information, you can choose to have signals sent directly to you through a variety of different channels via email, SMS, Telegram, and in some circumstances even via social media platforms. These signals often represent critical need-to-know data related to the market as opportunities arise in selected markets.

Trading signal solves the most daunting activity any trader has to perform, speculate the market to identify the right trading opportunities at the right time. No matter your level of trading skill and experience, forex signals can help you enhance your trading activities.

For New Trader

Trading signals will help you enhance your trading activities. For new traders, forex signals are beneficial to help you speculate on the currency markets. By following the signal, it will not only help shorten your learning curve,  saving you lots of time and energy, but it can also help to teach you new trading methods and strategies.

For Experience Trader

You’ve probably encountered a few different trading signals. The main task for any trader is to learn how to trade efficiently and gain an understanding of the market. With trading signals, it helps you detect the market trends and stay up to date with it.

How are trading signals generated?

Signals are created setups that help traders to trade with ease for higher accuracy and better results. There are two ways signals can be generated.

Manual Signal

Manual signal providers are human traders who are professional traders, market analysts, and even strategy providers. Having a professional trader with in-depth trading knowledge, experience, and technical analysis skills can be quite beneficial because they can identify unforeseen opportunities that would otherwise go unnoticed by a conventional trading bot.

An experienced trader will be able to recognize when a market isn’t performing with the usual efficiency and will fine-tune their strategy to accommodate the current market environment.

Automated Signal

An automated signal provider is computer software that is coded to generate signals using a set of technical rules to find trading opportunities in the market. With these trading bots, they can trade multiple markets simultaneously and virtually without any downtime. It’s a very efficient approach to trading and without getting distracted by detrimental emotions like fear and greed. Most automated signals rely on mathematical indicators, such as Fibonacci levels, moving averages, and Stochastic.

Quality vs Quantity

Like everything else, quality should always come first before quantity. A good quality signal will always include detailed information on the configuration of your Stop Losses and Take Profits.  When volatility in the market is high, you may receive more daily signals than average. When volatility in the market is low, you may receive fewer trading signals than average. This is normal and should be expected.

Remember, a fast and dynamic market such as forex, a trading signal is only as useful as it is timely. This is because a signal can become untenable if a trader receives it too late.

JunoMarkets provide one of the best real-time signals orchestrated by their expert analysts that will give instant entry and exit positions recommendations daily. Follow Juno Markets’ real-time signals on their Telegram channel: Juno Markets Official. The channel is also available in Vietnamese and Indonesian.

3 ways to choose the best Forex signal that will benefit you


Time Frames

Identify your trading style based on the time frame that you would like to trade.  Then, find a Forex signal provider that offers a relevant time frame trading strategy of your choice.

Scalping: Traders that trade in very short time frames, usually between a few seconds to a few minutes.

Very few signal providers cater to this category.

Day trading: Traders hold positions for less than a day or only during the session that they are trading, using  5 or 15-minute charts.

Many signal providers specialize in this category.

Swing trading: Traders usually focus on trading the 4 hours, 8 hours, and daily timeframes. Technical patterns that occur on the swing trading time frame are traditionally more reliable than the lower time frames.

Most successful signal providers cater to this category.

Long-term trade: Traders hold times are from a month or up to a year or more.

Decent amount of signal providers cater to this category.

Trading Strategies

Most providers use signal technical and fundamental analysis. Find out the strategies used by the provider for a better understanding of the information that comes to you.

Technical Signal: Is often used to generate short-term trading signals base on price behavior. Believe past trading activity, and price changes of a currency can be valuable indicators of the currency’s future price movements.

Fundamental Signal: looks at news and economic events to determine the likely path for future prices: example, interest rates, GDP, and many more.

Achievement & Reliability

A reliable trading provider will have a consistent performance record. All reputable FX signal providers will provide a performance record detailing their published trades. Analyze the strategies and look at their overall win rate, and make sure you read up on their user reviews. The best way to get a real sense of the quality of service is by signing up for a free trial.

Juno Markets has partnered with leading technical analysis provider, Recognia, to deliver free Real-Time Forex Signals. All clients of Juno Markets will have access to live intraday trade ideas based on proven pattern recognition systems.

Signals are released every two hours on the most popular traded instruments, including EURUSD, Gold, and Oil. We update the channel every time a profit on a position is taken so you won’t miss out!

“We have always believed the key to keeping clients happy, and trading is by providing them with additional tools and resources that assist them with their own ideas. We believe these signals, along with our daily technical newsletter, will be of tremendous value for our clients.”

— Arthur Le, CEO of Juno Markets

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