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Why Traders Are Afraid to Cut Losses

As a species, humans have evolved to become risk adverse and cautious. Early humans faced an infinite number of obstacles that could lead to death- carelessness hunting, being excluded from the pack, eating a deadly plant, and so on. People who were reckless or risk takers often died before they could pass down their genes. Therefore we are the descendants of those who remained cautious and survived.

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Andy’s Technical Take Week of September 16th 2019

Global financial markets are getting ready for probably the most crucial fundamental event for the rest of the year – the FOMC meeting, rate decision, economic statement and Powell’s press conference.

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Andy’s Technical Take Week of September 9th 2019

Although USD/CAD charted seven straight green candlesticks on the weekly timeframe recently, the pace of growth left many doubts about further appreciation. Only in August, the bulls had four failed attempts to break through round-figure static resistance at 1.3350. Traditionally, the market comprehends the lack of uptrend progress as a weakness.

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Andy’s Full Analysis – Week of Sep 02 2019

The summer of 2019 has been unusually active in the financial markets. Such a volatile vacation season happens once a decade and most of the events should have long-term consequences. Many traders are scratching their heads trying to understand what those events might lead to and how to position themselves on a long-term basis before the active Autumn season.

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Stop Looking for Answers- The Market Doesn’t Have to be Rational

In the 1970s, a Harvard psychologist conducted an experiment. She went to a library and approached a photocopier where a line was being formed. She walked up to the first person in line and said: “Excuse me, I have five pages. May I use the machine?” Her success rate was 60 percent. She then repeated the experiment, this time by saying, “Excuse me, I have five pages. May I use the machine because I’m in a rush?”.

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Why brokers want you to hedge your trades

The term “Hedging” has been so misused over the years that most traders today don’t know its real definition. The word hedge is defined as “a way of protecting oneself from future financial losses or adverse circumstances”.

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Why your trading strategy doesn’t work

On a recent trip to Malaysia, I had the chance to meet several clients and was asked one question over and over- “How do you separate your emotions from trading?”
One of the first rules anyone learns in trading is to stay disciplined and stick to your strategy. Regardless of how long you’ve been trading, this is age old saying.

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The 3 most common mistakes new and experienced traders make

Whether you’ve never traded before, just starting your journey, or are experienced in the world of online trading, it’s important to learn from the past. The old saying “Learn from your mistakes” is applicable to all facets of life and trading is no exception.

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Can exercise help you become a better trader?

Over the years, we’ve had the chance to meet thousands of traders from around the world- many of whom are full time traders who make a career in FX trading. While these traders are all passionate about Forex and can talk for hours about their latest automated strategies, new technical indicators or charting patterns they’ve developed, there’s one topic that almost never comes up- health and fitness.

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Top 5 traits successful traders have in common

As a broker, we have the unique perspective to be able to communicate and see clients from all different experience levels. Throughout the years, we have had the chance to see many successful traders who have been consistently profitable over a long period of time. Here are most common traits we have seen amongst successful traders:

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