Will Amazon’s ad business be able to outshine Google and Facebook?

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Amazon  (AMZN) ads business is growing and is considered as the third biggest advertising platform next to Google and Facebook. Its revenue rose to 18% in the recent quarter. This clearly shows that the advertising giant has been outperforming its competitors. Meanwhile, Facebook’s ad business shrank for the first time and its revenue for the current period is forecasted to decline too.

The use of cookies will soon be a thing in the past. Internet users do not want their every move they do online to be tracked. Privacy changes made in Apple’s iOS which made it harder for ad-supported sites to track its users did not affect Amazon as they operate their own platform where advertisers can go straight to build their campaigns.

The digital ad market is expected to grow over $300 billion by 2025. In terms of the market share, it looks like Amazon is starting to get the shares of its major competitors making it harder for them to stay in the competition.

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