Topup Bonus

Terms and Conditions

  1. A 20% Credit Bonus will be added to the client’s trading account after registering for Top Up Bonus.
  2. Top Up Bonus is applied for any deposits after the client’s first deposit.
  3. The Credit Bonus is applicable for all trading account types except (i) MAM Account (ii) Contest Account
  4. The minimum deposit to apply for the Credit Bonus is USD 25 or currency equivalent.
  5. The maximum Credit Bonus that can be obtained is USD 2,000 or currency equivalent.
  6. No limit on the number of deposits made until the maximum credit Credit Bonus is claimed.
  7. Credit Bonus is limited to one (1) account per Client only, regardless of the numbers of accounts held by the client.
  8. The Credit Bonus will be applied to the trading account only after the acceptance of the terms and conditions. The Bonus will be credited to the trading account on the next business day.
  9. No minimum lot requirement.
  10. The Credit Bonus is non-withdrawable.
  11. Bonus will be forfeited upon any withdrawal or transfer to another account.
  12. If the account balance falls negative, Credit Bonus will be removed and the account will be reset to zero.
  13. Accounts with a bonus cannot use the account to “hedge” their account by opening opposite positions in another account, either with Juno Markets or with a different broker. Juno Markets reserves the right to void trades if they deem the client to be abusing the bonus. An example of this trading strategy is to open three or more positions with the same symbol in the same direction within 10 minutes.
  14. The Credit Bonus is subject to the terms and conditions contained in the present document and subject to all existing JUNO MARKETS’s terms and conditions.
  15. JUNO MARKETS reserves the right to alter or cancel any of the promotional campaign conditions fully or partly or put their action to an end anytime with no prior notification in accordance with the Company’s unilateral provisions.
  16. Juno Markets reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these Terms & Conditions at any time by posting the amended Terms.
  17. JUNO MARKETS employees cannot participate in this promotion.
  18. This Bonus cannot be combined with any other Bonus based on the trading volume which JUNO MARKETS offered. Should a client’s trading account already have an existing Bonus, then they will not be able to opt-in to this Bonus OR by accepting these Terms and Conditions, the Client also accepts that the previous Bonus will be removed prior to the new Bonus being applied.
  19. Moneta Reward is still applicable.

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